Abbie Herbet is a Tik Toker that is known for her funny lip-sync videos. She is a successful American content creator, and model. Her videos border around lifestyle and fashion trends. If you are interested in the personality of Abbie Herbet, then this article is for you. In the course of this article, we will be covering the complete Abbie Herbet biography. Without further ado, let us delve in.

Abbie Herbet Family 

abbie herbet family

Abbie Herbet is an American celebrity with a happy family. She met Josh Herbet way back in 2013, and started dating in 2015. It was in July 2019, that Abbie and Josh chose to tie the knot.  Fast forward to October 2020, she announced her pregnancy on Instagram. A number was added to Abbie Herbet’s family when she had a baby girl. Her first child’s name is Poppy James.In addition to their daughter, they welcomed a son in September 2022. The name of the son of Abbie and Josh Berbet is Jagger. He was born in March 2023.  

Most often, Abbie Herbet features her family on her Instagram content videos. Asides from content creation, Abbie Herbet is a celeb that loves to spend time with her family.

Why Is Abbie Herbet Famous?

“What is Abbie Herbet famous for? ” is a question that wanna-be fans would likely ask. The following paragraphs is dedicated to covering what Abbie Herbet is famous for. 

Simply put, Abbie Herbet is famous for being a TikTok couple. She shares a YouTube account with her husband called “The Herbets”.  Worth noting is that her coupled themed videos are also featured on TikTok. One can also assert that the reason why Abbie Herbet is famous is because of her employment with NEXT  Models and her 12 million-follower account on TikTok.

Abbie Herbet Maiden Name 

The maiden name of Abbie Herbet is reveal to be Olsen. At the time of getting married, she took up the name Herbet from her husband Josh Herbet. It is important to note that she is a devoted mother and wife. She does not flaunt her maiden name at any of her social media handles. She can only be seen bearing her name Abbie, and the surname of her husband “Herbet”.

Is Noah Beck Related To Abbie Herbet?

is noah beck related to abbie herbet

Short answer is yes! Noah Beck is the cousin of Abbie Herbet. In a few viral videos, Noah Beck has featured in Abbie Herbets content on TikTok, and YouTube. We don’t get to hear so much about Abbie Herbet and how related she is to Noah Beck, because she focuses more on her husband, children, and content creation hustle.

Are Abbie Herbet And Chris Olsen Twins?

Fun fact: they are not related by blood in any way whatever. It just happens to be a case of friendship and good chemistry. No much is known about Chris Olsen pre TikTok.

Most news outlets claim that Abbie and Olsen are relatives, but in Abbies words: “he is my brother from another mother”. This goes to say that there relationship is not biological, but more like friendship, and business based.










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